Editorial Policy

As a full-fledged media house providing news, data and information, CryptoDose aims to educate and bring awareness about the happenings in the Blockchain and Crypto Industry. Hence it adheres to strict Editorial policies in terms of producing, managing and distributing content.

We provide accurate, updated and industry-specific information on our news portal. However, we do not aim to be a financial advisor in any given sense. We channelize our users to industry experts which can help them make an informed decision as financial markets are subject to high risk.

We do not endorse any content linked to our site and the consumption of the same is at the user’s risk. Cryptodose works with integrity and supports responsible reporting. Our reporters are provided with the required creative freedom that can focus on empowering the crypto community with impartiality. We believe in utmost fairness by verifying news from various sources before publishing.

The editorial team does not intend to influence the users’ decision in terms of any product, service, investment or whatsoever. While accessing the content, we believe that you adhere to all our terms and conditions.

We, TheCryptodose as an organization also follow disclosure guidelines to encourage unbiased news and information from all our reporters. TheCryptodose will not be responsible for any tangible or intangible damages caused to any third party or users in whatsoever cases. Any dispute arising between us will be settled as per the laws governed by Indian Jurisdiction.

However in any which case please write to medhaavimishra @ gmail .com , info@ thecryptodose.com in case of any conflicts related to the above user agreement.