Privacy Policy

What Personal information is collected

In any given case, TheCryptoDose Media forbids from collecting any user’s personally identifiable information. However there might be cases wherein the users need to register their email addresses and phone numbers on the site to access specific information or in order to subscribe to the services( Newsletters, Submitting a story). In such cases, the required information will be explicitly requested and the visitor will be notified with specific details about it’s usage. All the collected information are solely for the purpose of the functions mentioned above and will not be passed on to any third party. All the collected databases are secured and intends to smoothen the user experience

Collection and Use of Non-Personal Information

TheCryptoDose may use cookies in order to maintain information about you. A cookie is a very small text document, which often includes an anonymous unique identifier. It will use a combination of session as well as persistent cookies depending upon the request of services in order to consume content, goods or services on our sites and therefore. The session cookies are temporary as disappears when you exist from the browser. Whereas the persistent cooks remain on your hardware even if you exit the browser. However in order to protect your privacy, our site may request required permission, failing to do so there might be certain features and services non-accessible on our site. It may also prelude you from using and might negatively impact your display and function of the site. By any means, our site does not intend to access the cookies that you sent to other browsers/sites and will forbid to do so. We would want to reiterate the fact that your personal information will be secured and will only be used to provide a better user experience. Through this policy, we are not trying to invade our user’s private space. We would want to inform you that our site might also capture your Internet Protocol address when you visit us. The former will be used for moderation purposes in order to limit the creation of multiple accounts and spam prevention.
By accessing our services, you signify the acceptance of our Privacy Policy. However we will notify in any case of collection, usage and disclosure or personal information. Your consent is important to us and hence we would work towards securing the same.

In any case if you do not agree to any aspect of the above guidelines, you are free to discontinue accessing our services.

We may modify our Privacy policy time and again as per the need of the hour. In case of any concrete material changes we would notify you in prior depending on the specifications of the issue, otherwise as required by law.